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28 2012

배양된 정상 사람조골세포의 증식과 분화에 BMP-2가 미치는 영향

저자 오민구, 박경주, 이종헌


Recently, extensive research has been performed in the field of orthopedic medicine to develop cell-based therapies for the restorationof injured bone tissue. But there has been rarely reported about rehabilitaton of oral and maxillofacial bone defect using self-derivedosteoblasts. Normal human osteoblast cell(NHost) was previously established into marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cellsfor their capacity to proliferate and differentiate into osteoblasts under various culture conditions. The purpose of this study was toexamine proliferation and differentiation of NHosts effected by growth factors with ALP activity and RT-PCR. After NHosts were culturedunder basal and osteogenic medium at 37℃ and 5% CO2, they were analyzed by ALP activity and RT-PCR. BMP-2 under osteogenicmedium decreased growth rate of NHosts compared to under osteogenic medium. BMP-2 under osteogenic medium induced osteoblasticdifferentiation in NHosts by increased ALP activity. The differentiating capacity of NHosts under osteogenic medium showedthat NHosts expressed higher mRNA expression levels of OSX and OCN, while that of RUNX2 decreased after BMP-2 treatment. Itsuggested that NHosts having characteristics of osteoprecursor cells might be more advanced in their osteogenesis development byBMP-2, making NHosts an interesting biological tool for treatment of skeletal defects and diseases of oral and maxillofacial bone.

27 2012

나와 생을 같이한 구강병리학

저자 임창윤


It is well known that oral pathology is an essential bridge between basic and clinical science in dental field. Although oral pathologyhas been introduced to Korean dental science since 1945, there is not yet presented about oral pathologic history. The purposeof this study was to summarize and to introduce Korean oral pathologic history in serial form for Korean oral pathologist.

26 2012

낭성 병소로 오인된 상악동의 비각화 상피세포암종의 증례보고

저자 박정현, 최은주, 박혁, 김현실


Malignant tumor of the paranasal sinus is a rare, occurring most frequently in the maxillary sinus. Carcinomas of the maxillary sinusare usually diagnosed at the advanced stage because most tumors have no symptom or nonspecific symptoms such as pain, nasalobstruction, rhinorrhea, and epistaxis. In addition to these features, it is difficult to distinguish carcinoma from inflammatory or cysticlesion on imaging study until the carcinoma destroys the surrounding structures. Therefore, the diagnosis is prone to be delayed.Here, we report a case of an 83‐year‐old male with nonkeratinizing carcinoma on the maxillary sinus, which was initially misdiagnosedas a cystic lesion. The aim of this study is to emphasize the effort for early diagnosis in order to improve prognosis andavoid inadequate treatment.

25 2012

하악 전방부에 발생한 거대 중심성 골화성 섬유종

저자 문성용, 김수관, 김학균, 윤정훈


The ossifying fibroma (OF), with the microscopic features of trabuclae or spherules of bone or cementum-like material in a cellularfibrous connective tissue stroma, is one of the most common benign fibro-osseous lesions in the jaw bones. The OF often occurs inpatients from 20 to 40 years of age, which is a definite female predilection. The mandibles are involved far more often than themaxillas, especially the pre-molar and molar regions. It is slow-growing, bone producing, asymptomatic and well-demarcated. The OFis a disorder of odontogenesis or osteogenesis ascribed to bone marrow stroma cells (BMSCs) abnormality. However, the detailedmechanisms of OF’s oncogenesis, cytodifferentiation, and tumor progression remain unknown. In this article, we reported a huge centralOF on the anterior mandible. The lesion was enucleated and peripheral ostectomy was done via intraoral approach and reconstructedwith vascularized iliac block bone graft. After 25 months of follow up, the tumor had not recurred. This case shows thatOF may be successfully treated by conservative surgical enucleation and peripheral ostectomy.

24 2012

충란을 배출하는 구강 스팔가노시스 기생충감염

저자 김연숙, 이석근


Sparganosis is a rare parasitic disease caused by the infection of plerocercoid tapeworm larvae of the genus Spirometra. Up todate many cases of oral sparganosis had been diagnosed from biopsy specimens in Korea, however, in this study a 14 years oldmale showed an oral sparganosis in his buccal nodule producing its eggs, which were extruded through the ulcerated surface of buccalnodule. In the cytological observation for the pus‐like exudates many ovoid parasite eggs were found with a lot of inflammatorycells, which were mostly composed of eosinophilic polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs). The eggs were measured about 50x50x80μm, and had an operculum without opercular shoulder. In the subsequent biopsy examination the buccal nodule disclosed a diffusegranulomatous lesion with tunnel‐like spaces containing eosinophilic materials of parasite tegument, also infiltrated with a lot of eosinophilicPMNs. Therefore, we diagnosed it oral sparganosis producing its eggs with the characteristic features of sparganum granulomain the cytological and histological observations, and also suggested that the cytological finding of parasitic eggs would be helpfulto confirm the parasitic infection of sparganum matured enough to produce its eggs.

23 2012

중 ‧고등학교 태권도 팀의 사회적 지지가 소진에 미치는 영향

저자 양승성, 이석준


The purpose of this research was to provide basic data for managing players by determining the relation between the social supportwithin the Taekwondo team in secondary schools and the burnout of players. The population to achieve this research purposewas the Taekwondo players of secondary schools in the Daejeon, Chungnam region registered as players in Korea TaekwondoAssociation as of 2010. For the sampling method, the convenience sampling, that was the non-probability sampling, was used, andthe final analysis to obtain the results used a total of 222 persons’ data. As the method of statistical analysis for data processing,the multiple regression analysis were conducted. The proof of hypotheses was conducted at the significance level of α=.05, and theresults are as follows. First, only the emotional support among the social support factors was found to have statistically significantnegative(–) effects on the emotional exhaustion. However, the informative support, instrumental support, and evaluating supportwere found to have no statistically significant effects on emotional exhaustion. Second, the instrumental support and evaluating supportamong the social support factors were found to have statistically significant negative(–) effects on depersonalization. However,the informative support and emotional support were found to have no statistically significant effects on depersonalization. Third, onlythe evaluating support among the social support factors was found to have statistically significant negative(–) effects on the declinein the sense of accomplishment. However, the informative support, emotional support, and instrumental support were found tohave no statistically significant effects on the decline in the sense of accomplishment.

22 2012

635-nm 발광 다이오드가 임플란트 주위염 in vitro 모형에 미치는 효과

저자 조민성, 최창우, Sandeep Karna, 임원봉, 김지선, 김상우, Zeng Hui, 전상미, 오희균, 김옥준, 최홍란


Peri-implantitis (PI) is bacteria-induced inflammatory condition which affects the alveolar bone and soft tissue around implantsand may result in the loss of supporting bone. Attenuation of the P. gingivalis lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced inflammatory responsecan be a new therapeutic approach in the treatment of PI. This study was conducted to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effectof 635-nm light-emitting diode (LED) irradiation over MG63 osteoblast-like cell. Scratch was made on MG63 cells with or withoutLPS, then 635-nm irradiated. The expression of the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) proteins was evaluated with western blot. Theproduction of the prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and expression of the receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (RANKL) andosteoprotegerin (OPG) was measured with enzyme-linked immunoassay, and the cytokine profile was evaluated with the human inflammationantibody array. Wound closure effect presented in the cells treated with LPS was observed more significantly in thecells with 635-nm irradiation than the cells without irradiation. The 635-nm irradiaiton reduced LPS-induced expression of theCOX-2 and production of the PGE2. Also, 635-nm irradiation affect the expression of RANKL, OPG, and proinflammatory cytokines.These results indicate that 635-nm irradiation could reduce the alveolar bone resorption induced by LPS stimulation through the inhibitionof COX-2 expression and PGE2 production, the suppression of proinflammatory cytokine, and the modulation ofRANKL/OPG balance in MG63 cells.

21 2012

치자 열매로부터 추출한 topoisomerase I 효소 저해제의 구조 동정과 활성에 관한 연구

저자 고영종, 최창우, 임원봉, 김지선, 김상우, Sandeep Karna, Zeng Hui, 전상미, 조민성, 최홍란, 김옥준


Topoisomerases are essential enzymes involved in all processes of DNA metabolism, and their inhibitors have been identified aspotential anti-cancer agents. The present study examined the effect of linoelaidic acid (C18 polyunsaturated fatty) compounds derivedfrom Gardenia jasminoids Ellis extract on the activity of eukaryotic topoisomerases inhibition. The present study identified linoelaidicacid compounds using open column fraction, HPLC, NMR and LC/MS which have effects on cell death in oral cancer cell line,FaDu, but not in immortalized normal cell line, HaCaT. Subsequent studies revealed linoelaidic acid-induced autophagy through LC3activation. Finally, its inhibition of topoisomerase I and selectively induction of oral cancer cell death possibly implies that linoelaidicacid can be a role as potenial agents in the prevention and therapy of oral cancer.

20 2012

함치성낭에서 치성 섬유종성 증식

저자 윤정훈


"A dentigerous cyst (DC) and an odontogenc fibroma (OF) in the jaws are well known entities, which have been reviewed extensively. However, the presence of OF components in the wall of dentigerous cyst is a very rare event. A case of DC in the left mandible displaying the foci of an OF-like lesion is described. It is unclear whether the two lesions were just coincidental or were actually related to each other. However, OF-like proliferation may be arised from secondary epithelial and mesenchymal interactions in a pre-existing DC, although the initiating stimulus could not be identified. "

19 2012

하악 상처에 전이된 폐암종의 불량분화된 선암종

저자 김민근, 석현, 김성곤, 이상신, 심은주, 강길현, 이석근


"A 78 year-old male complained of mild pain at a gingival mass on his anterior mandible, injured and ulcerated by autobicycle accident six months ago. He had suffered from uncontrolled diabetes. The tumor specimens from his chin and gingiva were examined by immunohistochemical method, and their microsections showed poorly differentiated polygonal tumor cells, occasionally formed ductal structures. The tumor cells grew infiltratively into adjacent fibromuscular tissue with frequent atypical mitosis, exhibiting the features of poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. However, in the computed tomography(CT) view a tumor mass was also found in his lung, and diagnosed lung cancer. In the immunohistochemical observation the tumor cells were strongly positive for thyroid transcription factor 1(TTF-1), cytokeratin 7, PCNA, p53, and PIM-1, occasionally positive for p63, but sparsely positive for survivin. The tumor cells were almost negative for S-100, cytokeratin 14, and α-SMA, while the vascular structures in the tumor tissue were conspicuously demarcated by the stains of α-SMA. Taken together, the present case was finally diagnosed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, metastasized from lung adenocarcinoma. And it was presumed that the metastatic tumor cells tended to be anchored in the traumatized area of anterior mandible, where the wound healing was undergoing with de novo angiogenesis and the activation of different cytokines and growth factors. "

18 2012

법랑모세포종에서 P63 유전자의 다양한 발현

저자 박철범, 박경주, 이종헌


"Several recent studies have detected genetic and cytogenetic alterations in epithelial odontogenic tumors. However, the detailed mechanisms of oncogenesis, cytodifferention, and tumor progression remain unknown. p63 as p53 homolog gene has been identified at loci 3q27-29. The p53 signaling cascade has an important role in oncogenesis or cyto- differentiation of odontogenic epithelium. Recently, several syndromes associated with p63 gene mutations have shown to include various tooth abnormalities of both the primary and permanent dentition. But little is known about p63 expression in odontogenic tumors, especially ameloblastomas. The purpose of this study were to examine various expression of p63 in ameloblastomas by immunohistochemistry and to clarify the possible biological role of p63 in ameloblastomas. 15 specimens including 6 follicular, 4 plexiform, 3 acanthomatous, and 2 granular cell types were fixed in 10% neutral formalin. 4um thick sections were used for routine H&E and immunohistochemical examinations. After immuno- histochemical satining, they were examined at a final magnification of 400X. For each case a minimum of 1000 nuclei located in the central and peripheral layers were counted in up to 10 consecutive microscopic fields per case. The immunoreactive cells were evaluated semiquantitatively. Immunoreactivity for p63 in all the types of ameloblastomas was higher in peripheral neoplastic cells than in central neoplastic cells. Keratinizing cells in acanthomatous ameloblastoma and granular cells in granular cell ameloblastoma showed markedly decreased reactivity for p63 in acanthomatous and granular cell ameloblastoma. Labelling index of acanthomatous, plexiform, and granular cell type was 86±11%, 81±17% and 83±15% in peripheral area while 88±14%, 82±11% and 76±10% in central area, respectively. Labelling index of follicular type was 17±4% in peripheral area while 21±3% in central area. There was no significant relationship between plexiform, acanthomaous, and granular cell type, while significant relationships between follicular and acanthomatous type, between plexiform and follicular type, and between granular cell and follicular type, respectively. It suggested that p63 expression could paly an important role in the pathogenesis of ameloblastomas. Morever plexiform, acanthomatous, and granular cell type would show more aggressive proliferative potentiality than follicular type. "

17 2012

구강 편평태선에서의 T 림프구 및 랑게르한스 세포의 분포

저자 김수진, 조영아, 윤혜정, 홍성두, 이재일, 홍삼표


"Numerous reports on the immunopathogenesis of an oral lichen planus (OLP) have shown some inconsistency in terms of the role and distribution of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, and Langerhans cells (LC). This has led to the hypothesis that although the clinical and histopathological manifestations of OLPs appear similar, they can be grouped into CD4+ predominant lesions and CD8+ ones on the varied immunopathogenesis or clinical progress. This study investigated the distribution of CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, LC and the ratio of CD4/CD8 and defined the important immunocompetent cells. In addition, the clinicopathological and histopathological correlation with those immunocompetent cells were investigated. Frozen sections of 16 OLPs and 5 normal buccal mucosae were immunostained. Quantification was done using KAPPA Imagebase software and statistical analysis using SPSS 10.0 statistical package. CD8+ T cells were consistently more abundant in the epithelium of the OLP than CD4+ T cells, but no difference between the two cells was detected in the lamina propria. The intra-epithelial CD4+ T cells revealed a positive linear correlation with the intra-epithelial CD8+ T cells. In the lamina propria, the number of LC had a positive linear correlation with CD4/CD8 ratio. The number of LCs was higher in the reticular type of OLP compared to the erosive type. The histopathological features such as hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, the band-like infiltration of mononuclear cells, and liquefaction degeneration did not show significant correlation with the CD4/CD8 ratio. The results suggest that CD8+ T cells play major role in immunopathogenesis of OLP. The immunopathogenesis of OLP appears to vary from lesion to lesion in relation to the clinical progress. "