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- 적혈구의 수가 감소한 것 혹은 hemoglobin 농도가 감소한 것


  : erythrocyte 생산 감소 혹은 파괴 증가

- red blood cell count
  hemoglobin concentration
  mean corpuscular volume
  mean corpuscula hemoglobin concentration
  mean corpuscula hemoglobin
=>수치로 anemia의심

- vitamin이나 mineral deficiencies에 의해 올수도 있음

- anemia의 원인  (table 13-2)
  : ⓛ 철 대사 부전 anemia
    - 철 결핍성 빈혈
    - sideroblastic anemia
   ② megaloblastic anemia
    - cobalamin deficiency(pernicious anemia)
    - folic acid deficiency
   ③ anemia associated with chronic disorder
    - anemia of chronic infection(infective endocarditis, tuberculosis, osteomyelitis....)
    - anemia of inflammatory connective tissue order(류마티성 관절염, lupus erythematosus,
       sarcoidosis, temporal arteritis.......)
    - anemia associated with malignancy
      secondary to chronic bleeding
      myelophthisic anemia
    - anemia of uremia
    - anemia due to endocrine failure
    - anemia of liver disease
   ④ hemolytic anemia
    - extrinsic causes
      red cell antibodies
      trauma in the circulation
      direct toxic effect(various microorganism, copper salts, 특정 뱀의 뱀독)
    - membrane abnormalities
      spur cell anemia
      paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
      hereditary spherocytosis
      hereditary elliptocytosis
    - 적혈구 내부의 이상
      defects in the Embden-Meyerhof pathway
      defects in the hexose-monophosphate shunt
   ⑤ disorder of hemoglobin
    - sickle cell anemia
    - thalassemias

Clinical Feature

   - 혈액의 산소 운반 능력이 떨어짐
   - 피로, 두통, 경미한 두통.
   - 심한 경우 mucous membrane palpebral conjunctiva - painless

Treatment And Prognosis

   - 원인에 따라 치료 방법이 다르다.