Non-Hodgkin`s Disease

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   *malignancies of lymphoreticular histogenesis
   *lymph nodes에서 기시해서 solid masses로 성장
      B-lymphocyte > T-lymphocyte > Histiocyte-derived lymphomas
   *Categories : low grade, intermediate grade, high grade
   *prevalence : increased in patients who have immunologic problems
    cf)viruses  : Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in Burkitt's lymphoma
                      HTLV-1 -peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Clinical and Radiographic Features

    1) adults, lymph nodes(cervical node)에 호발
    2) non-tender mass-느리게 성장
    3) Oral cavity - extranodal disease 출현 가능
         buccal vestibule, gingiva, or posterior hard palate
         bone - vague pain or discomfort, mistaken for a toothache
    4) Radiographs : ill-defined or ragged radiolucency

Histopathologic Features

    ; dark, round, poorly differentiated cells of the lympocystic series with minimal cytoplasm
      - destroys the normal architecture of the node, normal adjacent tissu
      - nodular or follicular pattern, diffuse

Treatment and Prognosis        

    ; radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy
     *low-grade: 재발율 높음
     *high-grade: 5년 내 사망률 60%